Wedding Photography

Quality v Quantity

This is a question that every bride should ask, but no bride should lose sleep over. The most important factor to consider regarding your wedding photography is quality not quantity. Anyone with a camera can take lots of images. My iPhone will take as many images on your day as you’d like. Are you simply after numbers or would you like your wedding images to actually be pictures of something interesting that are also well composed and processed? Images that capture true emotional moments and bring back memories to you in years to come?

I will often shoot over 3000 images during a 10-12 hour wedding day. At some recent weddings I’ve shot over 4000 frames. Does this mean I give my couples all of those images? God no. A lot of what I shoot is absolute rubbish that I’d never want to show anyone! What’s that you say – I thought you were a talented professional and every single image you took would be great! No, sorry, it doesn’t work that way. I take a lot of pictures, because I understand human faces. I’ve spent my life photographing them.  I’m not after an averagely good image. I want a great image. The reason my wedding photography looks so good (I hope it looks good – otherwise why are you here?) is that I really care about my work. I want great images, not just average snaps that anyone with a camera could take.  It’s a minute detail, but details are everything to me. I don’t believe in being average. I believe in doing the best I can possibly do and then trying to improve it to be even better. The reason you are hiring an expensive, talented wedding photographer is to produce amazing photos of your wedding day. If you simply want rubbish photos and lots of them – book someone cheap.

How many wedding photos are in a wedding album?

In most albums you can expect to fit around 60-160 images. At a certain point, having too many images will just make the story too long. You don’t want to bore people who look at your wedding photos – or bore yourself. There should be enough to tell the story but not so much that the story gets lost. So most of the top end wedding photographers who supply between 300-500 images are supplying well and truly enough images to be able to make a great album from.

How many wedding photos do we supply?

There is no fixed number. What would be the point in a fixed number? Should I just shoot more to make the numbers up? I can’t do that. What I promise to supply each of my couples is enough images not only tell the story of the day but also to provide every other image that I shot that is a good usable image of something that I think you would love to see. This could range from 400-800 images. But if there are less, then that’s still enough. It just means there were less moments to shoot at your wedding. Every wedding is unique it’s not about numbers.